Will Laptops Ever Become Obsolete? The Facts!

On a regular basis, technology advances, and we see new devices and items that outperform laptops. Smartphones and tablets are rapidly eliminating the need for a laptop in 2022.

Laptops will become obsolete because new devices with better functions are being produced. People are no longer interested in purchasing such a costly device that can not perform all its functions. Because of the rising market rates, they are now only used by a few offices and educational organizations.

Laptops replaced desktop computers and became the trending device in the market, so it is only natural that another better device would replace laptops.

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Will Laptops Ever Become Obsolete?

How Quickly Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete?

You need to know new technology emerges with time, and old technology becomes increasingly rare. Workers in the office are eager to accept new technologies as soon as feasible. Engineers and technicians are working hard to develop new technology.

Laptops are gradually becoming outmoded, and will eventually become obsolete. Laptops may become scarce in the next one to two years, and no one will use them in five years. Their popularity is rapidly declining.

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Why Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete?

New electrical devices with cutting-edge technologies are being developed by engineers. These devices give you all of the options you require. Laptops today aren’t as technologically advanced as they were in the past. A CD drive is no longer standard on many laptops.

People are no longer interested in purchasing such a costly device that cannot perform all its functions. Because of the higher market rates, few offices and educational institutions utilize them.

As you can see, no one uses a desktop computer in this day and age. People used to buy them for their daily work when it was more popular than laptops.

It was the most up-to-date technology at the time. People in that era would never have predicted that laptops would quickly overtake desktops and render them useless. Outlined below are the reasons why laptops are becoming obsolete.

Steve Jobs on the Post Pc Era – 2010

Limited Apps

As you know office workers use a variety of applications to complete their tasks. They want a store where they can quickly download all the software they need. They cannot download all of this software on laptops due to a lack of storage. People buy cheap devices with the latest technology available instead of expensive laptops.

Operating system

Nowadays, when it comes to laptop operating systems, people are cautious when purchasing them. They desire the most up-to-date technology in terms of such systems. It is not worth it if the operating system cannot regulate basic processes such as validating input and output or maintaining memory integrity.

Camera Quality

One way people use to preserve memories is through pictures and videos. They want high-quality images, and most laptops don’t offer this. Some laptops don’t make video quality very good for video call purposes, which is very discouraging.

People often spend extra to purchase cameras to take pictures and upload them on their laptops for use. No one wants to pay extra again when a better device combines both functions. Smartphones and tablets come with high camera pixels that enable people to take quality pictures and engage in clear video calls.


People are looking for gadgets that can provide maximum storage at the lowest potential cost. A user who wishes to keep track of all the files will need a lot of disk space, which isn’t available on laptops. There’s a danger they’ll become trapped if there’s too much information.


Laptops are difficult to transport. You can’t just pick it up and put it anywhere you want. You can’t put it in your pocket or fold it in your bag. Furthermore, you might damage their screen if you don’t have something to keep them. If you damage them and need to fix them, you will have to spend more money.

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What Will Take Over Laptops?

You might be wondering if laptops become obsolete, and what device will replace them.

For a device to become obsolete, there has to be a new device replacing it in the market. We now have tablets and smartphones, which will replace laptops in the near future. It has all the latest technologies. These devices are small enough to fit in your pockets or purse.

They do not require any more space to be carried or placed. They are small and light, and they come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose the colour of your phone.

They are also suitable for gaming. Tablets are also used for education. These gadgets have larger storage capacity and require no additional payment. Mobile phones are inexpensive compared to laptops and run on the most recent operating system.

However, with tablets, you can also connect flash drives to transfer essential data. You won’t run out of storage space if you download various apps. Touch displays are seen on the majority of smartphones and tablets. They operate without pause.

Tablet computers are currently preferred by business owners, freelancers, and many other office workers. Using the app on your phone, you can quickly send emails.

Both rear and front cameras are included in tablets and phones. These cameras have a high resolution and take good photos. Music can also be played. You can also call your friends and family members with it.

Tablets have far longer battery life than laptops. They don’t use as much electricity as other appliances. Thus they don’t impact your electric cost. You don’t have to be concerned if your memory card becomes full and needs more space. You can save a lot of space on your card by transferring your data to Google Cloud.

Use a screen protector if you’re worried about shattering your screen. In an emergency, almost every smartphone and tablet include a flashlight.

Various mobile manufacturing companies compete to deliver the best service available to their consumers. Nobody wants to see their consumers and users unhappy or upset.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Laptop?

When we say average, the thing involved can increase or decrease depending on some factors. Indeed, some laptop brands do last longer than others, but all laptops generally have an average lifespan.

According to most experts’ theory, the average laptop lasts three to five years. It might last longer, but its utility will be limited as the components’ ability to execute complex programs deteriorates.

If you continue using a laptop for more than five years, you will be facing slowdowns, battery problems, a noisy fan, or a heating problem.

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Can A Laptop Last Ten Years?

When we buy an electrical device or gadget, a question that comes to mind is, how long will it last? We want to be sure that we are not wasting our money on it.

A laptop can endure for ten years and more if properly cared for. The battery is frequently the first component to fail, which you can replace or use by plugging in your laptop.

I have been using Dell latitude since December 2014, but it really started to get slow and overheated since last year or so. Therefore, I have replaced it with a more upgraded one, and it’s working fine now.

Which Laptop Has The Highest Lifespan?

The longevity of a laptop is determined by several factors, including how and where it is used and the quality of the materials used in its construction.

A decent laptop brand will often last longer, so your goal will always be to purchase the best laptop.

The table below shows laptops’ average lifespan and battery level according to brands.


Here are some excellent laptops by apple.

Can A Laptop Last Twenty Years?

Nothing lasts forever, especially when it comes to technology. Twenty years is a very long period to consider in a laptop’s lifespan.

Realistically, a laptop will have lost its ability to function in 20 years and will already be obsolete. If you take good care of a laptop, it could last for more than ten years, but within those years, you would have to change some parts, especially the battery.

By that time, you wouldn’t be running the latest apps or versions of Windows at decent speeds anymore, and laptops would have become a thing of the past.

How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop?

You need to know a laptop is not a device that quickly gets spoilt, so it is not a device to change often. A laptop should be replaced when the following is noticed in it:

  • There are now when there used to be no lag, stuttering, or slowdowns.
  • It takes much longer for the operating system to start up now than it did previously.
  • File transfers are significantly slower than when the laptop was first purchased.
  • When switching between tabs or applications, there are long pauses.
  • When running programs that used to run smoothly, you keep seeing the blue screen of death.
  • Dead pixels, blank screens for no apparent cause, or bright white flickers on the screen.


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