What Laptops are Made in the USA?  

The perks these laptops provide are cutting-edge technology, superior built-in quality, and swift performance. Some parts are sourced from abroad but assembling and final product quality is monitored in the USA. Although, at least one part is manufactured within the USA to save a few bucks from shipping charges.

There are a lot of manufacturers across the USA that are making affordable laptops. A few of the most popular companies are HP, Dell, Lenovo, Surface, etc. People are more inclined toward portable devices like laptops than a desktop computer. Americans love to prefer laptops due to their lightweight, easy to carry on, and small size. 

what laptops are made in usa

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Here’s the list of famous firms manufacturing laptops in the USA and supplying worldwide.

  • Dell Alienware and XPS
  • Apple Macbooks, Macbook Pro, and Air laptops
  • HP Envy and Pavillion
  • Lenovo Yoga laptops and ThinkPad
  • Microsoft Surface laptops

The global consumer survey shows HP ranks first for popular laptops owned by Americans at 35%. Dell comes in the second position, followed by Apple Macbook. Many USA citizens prefer Macbook for professional use due to its fast chips, MagSafe technology, and high-resolution power. With all these features, Apple sells MacBooks at a whopping price of $2-4k.

Have a look at top features and specs of Dell XPS 15 7590 Laptop.

Is There an American-Made Laptop?

There are a few parts that the USA makes for laptops. The rest of the components are imported from overseas to assemble in America. However, the quality of the assembled product is strictly checked through various procedures.

The United States has superior laptop manufacturing plants in several cities. Top-notch companies make laptops with fine-quality built-in processors, fast CPUs, premium design, and graphics. Some renowned USA-based companies are Dell, Apple, and HP.

# 1 – Dell

Dell is an American computer technology founded in the year 1984. The company has its headquarters in Texas, USA. Dell considers one of the best technological groups for mass production of advanced laptop models and specs. The most reliable dell laptops are Alienware, XPS, and G series. Minimalist design, metallic color, and a wide range of latest models keep you connected with people worldwide. 

# 2 – Apple

Apple is known as a hub for making Macbooks, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air. Even though Apple products are costly, tech enthusiasts still prefer buying these devices due to their sleek design, latest technology, and stellar performance. 

On the whole, M1 and M2 Pro processors can do tasks smoothly. The battery life and service are way better than the window laptop. Mac operating system (macOS) is easy to learn with a great performance overall.

# 3 – HP

HP is a well-reputed laptop manufacturing company based in the USA. HP is facilitating around 3000 employees in their production plants. Mainly operational in Tennessee and Texas and producing high-quality, durable laptops. This firm’s headquarter is established in California. HP produces high-end products and supplies at present.

# 4 – Microsoft Surface

Another popular laptop manufacturer is Microsoft. Provides a range of super-thin, rich colors touchscreen laptop gadgets. This company is well-trusted because of its return policies and customer services. 

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Are Lenovo Laptops Made in the USA? 

Thinkpad, yoga laptops, and ThinkCentre assembling are done in North California, USA. Regardless of many challenges, Lenovo runs its American-centric business very smoothly. The manufacturing plant was established in 2012 to cater to the need of US-based consumers. 

Lenovo laptops are not made in the USA. Lenovo Group Limited is originally a Chinese brand located in Shenzhen, China. The company also offers electric appliances, personnel standard computes, and software solutions.

Best Lenovo laptops are listed below:

  1. Lenovo Thinkpad C13
  2. Lenovo Chromebook
  3. Lenovo Yoga Laptop 
Are Lenovo laptops made in the USA

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Lenovo Thinkpad C13

Lenovo Thinkpad yoga Chromebook is available in 13.3-inch screen size with Abyss black color. The installed RAM is 8 Gb with 256 Gb available storage. Due to its Mil-spec durability standards, this device can withstand shocks, pressure, dust, and scrapes. The excellent battery life with the rapid charging feature makes it the perfect choice for desk-free employees.

Lenovo Chromebook 

This Lenovo Chromebook is a business black high-performance laptop. Enjoy completing daily tasks with a 2.1 GHz powerful processor. The sleek, secure design is a lightweight device with a 14-inch FHD display. Built-in virus protection, extended battery life, and additional cloud storage are perfect for all professional needs.

Lenovo Yoga Laptop

Lenovo Yoga laptops are light, thin, and capable devices. The backlight keyboard is very smooth and fast for typing purposes. The yoga laptop has 1.6 GHz fast processing with excellent battery timing. 

This mica color laptop has an intel 5th generation core i5 processor with tablet mode. An operating system is windows ten but can be upgraded to windows 11. On the whole, this is one of the worth purchasing models from Dell.

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Who Makes Laptops in America? 

The USA has some cutting-edge facilities for laptop manufacturing. These reliable devices have been fulfilling customers’ modern requirements for ages. And they are also generating a hefty sum from the market share.

Major brands are working to make laptops on a mass scale production. Not only in the USA, but they are also exporting these laptops across the globe and generating massive revenues from both sides. Many other companies are also playing their part in this industry. 

CompanyAvailable ProductShare (%)
HP Envy, Pavilion, Elitebook, Omen22
Dell Alienware, G-series, Inspiron, Latitude17
Apple Macbook, Macbook Air, Mackbook Pro9
MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface3.43%
GoogleChromebook Pixel, Pixel Book

Is Dell Made in the USA? 

With the new technological advancements, Dell offers great laptops, computers, desktops Pc etc. People widely trust this Brand in the USA and the rest of the world for quality products. 

Dell owns a major facility in the US for assembling laptops. Furthermore, these manufacturing plants pave the way for other countries like Ireland, Mexico, China, Malaysia, and Brazil. Dell orders different laptop parts like hardware, DVD drives, screws, etc. All the parts and processes are monitored under the surveillance of quality professionals at these facilities.

Is Dell made in the USA

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Dell XPS

Dell XPS is available in platinum silver color with a big hard disk size of 512 GB and ram space is 16 GB. Such features make it a great purchase to fulfil all your white-collar needs. The Cpu model is equipped with the latest core i7 processor. Two-way snapping and a 13.4’’ screen size make it a stellar office and entertainment device.

Newest Dell Inspiron 2022

The latest Inspiron laptop comes with a 15.6 Inch HD, non-touch, anti-glare display. Large Ram is enough to run multiple applications smoothly. Solid hard disk 512 GB drive ensures swift performance and quick data transfer.

The supported operating system in this device is windows ten pro, with the single sign-on feature. This cutting-edge laptop is available in black color, with UHD graphics and stereo speakers. 

Dell Latitude

Dell Latitude laptop is a standard device with a built-in 11th generation process. Intel Xe iris graphics, vPro platform, and thunderbolt mode are some available specs. The four-sided bezel, anti-glare display, and camera shutter for privacy satisfy all demands of consumers. This fast-paced product is great for business-related work. 

Dell Latitude is equipped with a full range of ports, strong wifi access, and a backlight keyboard. The battery charging time is fast in this laptop. Intelligent audio technology reduces noises and improves the audio quality during online meetings.

Are there Any American-Made Computers? 

Intel and Advanced Micro Device. Inc (AMD) is well-known for making top-quality computer hardware and processors. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft govern the computer software.

Few top laptop manufacturers make all the products under their label and sell them or purchase a few components from Taiwan and Chinese suppliers. Many major brands have factories overseas. Some manufacturers only make hardware or software in the USA. 

Top computer manufacturing companies in the USA are mentioned.

HPDekstop Pc, Laptops, Printers, Storage devicesComputer and Networking, Software
DellTablet Pc, laptops, Notebooks, Desktop computers, and MonitorsComputer and Hardware
ApplePersonnel computers, Macbooks, Computer softwareComputer, and Software
IBMComputer hardware, software, Consulting servicesNetworking
Gateway ComputersPersonnel computers, Monitors, Computer accessoriesComputer and Accessories

Final Words!

Laptop production hugely depends on the demand and supply rule. That’s why a new technology emerges every day to scale users’ needs. The top manufacturers are breaking fingers to the bone in the USA to excel in this race. 

Regardless, that also matters alot to provide the customers with valuable policies and customer services. So this can build compelling consumer confidence in the company and product. Let’s share views regarding this; we’re looking forward to your kind judgement.

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