What are the Cons of 2-in-1 Laptops? A Must Read!

The demand for portable devices is increasing at present. The global revenue growth of laptops was 2.63% by 2019. Nowadays, people are lookout for portable computers that work as laptops and tablets.

The super-thin touch screen, kickstand design, and detachable or folding keyboards are enough to grab anyone’s attention. But hold on, it’s not the very reason to purchase one right off the bat. You must be aware of all the drawbacks before buying. 

Are you planning to buy a laplet? But can’t you figure out if this purchase is worth your money? Before spending a massive chunk from your pocket, dive into this article to discover the cons of 2 in 1 laptops.

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The Cons

Indeed, convertibles or hybrids are more expensive than conventional laptops. Some in-expensive models have short battery life and less working speed. 2 in 1 laptops don’t have potent processors and primarily function on integrated graphics. 

It hardly comes with the latest GPUs and chips, making them unsuitable for gaming and heavy performance. The mechanical detachable mechanism is a stumbling block, and its dysfunctionality leads to a broken device. 

The cramped keyboard, limited storage space, and ergonomic gaffes make these devices inefficient for hefty functioning.

Higher Price

The 2 in 1s laptops come at eye-watering prices that show these are the go-to thing for a tech enthusiast. But if you’re buying it for gaming purposes and mobile GPUs, that will not be worth your money. 

A few reasons for the price hike are add-on specs like a touch screen, ergonomic typing, and thinner shape. If you don’t want a tablet aspect, save a few bucks and opt for standard laptops.


You need to compromise on performance due to its slim design, smaller size, and potable aspects. These laplets don’t have a powerful processor, and personnel customization is quite complex. Graphic cards, processors, and cooling systems are out of reach to replace.

The integrated design of 2 in 1 laptop makes it challenging to upgrade. That eventually leads to higher maintenance costs for such devices. Low-priced models have less battery life than the standard setup.

Security Concerns

One of the critical drawbacks of these devices is fewer security features than traditional laptops. Most 2 in 1s laptops lack multifactor authentications like fingerprint sensors, security chips, and locking slots. 

These laptops are easily stolen due to their higher cost, small size, and sleek design. Unauthorized persons can expose your personal and business data.

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Is 2 in 1 Laptop Worth It? 

The 2-in-1 laptop proves a game-changer. It is mainly for those who want a tablet and laptop to fulfill daily work chores. These devices either come with a detachable or a folding hinge mechanism keyboard. 

The thought pondering point is, are these worth buying products? So the answer is it all depends on your usage. These are good options for those who travel a lot or are Netflix lovers. They can detach the keyboard and use the tablet on the couch or bed. Grab a seat and continue reading to find more about 2 in 1 laptops.


The portable laptops are very convenient and easy going to use almost everywhere. You can bring the tablet to cafes or restaurants and watch movies on public transport. Graphic designers can efficiently use the stylus pen for drawing logos, flyers etc. The smaller sizes or tablet mode is a significant reason travel enthusiasts opt for this option.

Premium Design 

The 2 in 1 laptop’s sleek design, elegant shape, and smaller sizes are enough to impress anyone. Many people choose these devices for such reasons. The repair cost is usually very high for portable devices.

The versatile gadgets need extra exterior care and protection. Although, users have to compromise on performance. These laptops don’t have fast-running processors, and their operating speed is relatively slow than standard laptops.


The compact design and size of 2 in 1s allow users to bring these portable laptops anywhere. University students can prioritize this purchase if they want a laptop or tablet all in one. They can take notes during class with a touchscreen and pen. Also, use it for presentation on stand-by mode. 

These laplets are helpful for graphic designers to design digital and catchy drawings. You can bring these on overseas trips as well.

Which 2 in 1 Laptop is Best? 

After discovering all these features, about 2 in 1s, you must be curious which one fits your pocket the most. Indeed, everyone is breaking fingers to the bone and wants the best value for their money.

The 2 in 1s provide the users to fold, bend and turn on tablet mode for their ease. What if you realize that’s not the ideal laplet for you?. That’s fishy, right. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you in finding the right laplet.

1. Asus VivoBook Flip 14

Asus VivoBook is a slim, lightweight laplet with a flippable 14-inch FHD touchscreen. The 11th generation intel core i3 processor is supported by Windows 10. It has a brushed indie black aluminum finish with a stylus pen and a full HD wide-view display. 

This convertible 2-in-1 laptop is ideal for fulfilling personnel and business needs. It has a 360° hinge mechanism to hold it firmly as a tablet. This laplet also supports some requirements for Minecraft. You can experience the best communication due to its AI-noise cancel technology.


  • Its overall weight is 3.3lb and has ultrathin chassis.
  • This laplet supports the Asus pen for creative minds
  • It has a Harmon Kardon system that provides the HQ audio.
  • It offers an impressive screen-to-body ratio.


  • The ram of this model is not upgradeable.
  • Its screen is not bright enough for sunny outdoor use.

2. HP Convertible Chromebook

HP Convertable Chromebook is a 14-inch touch screen display with a digital microphone, and it is excellent for personnel and gaming purpose. This silver color laplet has a 128 GB hard disk supported by Chrome OS.

The broad vision HD camera is excellent for video calling and zoom meetings. This model is a powerhouse due to its strong intel quad-core processor.


  • It has excellent battery timing.
  • The intel processor ensures swift speed during working.
  • The folding to tablet specs is appreciable.
  • It comes with smooth touch technology.


  • There is no HDMI port in this model.
  • The display quality is not so good.

3. Dell Inspiron 14

Dell Inspiron 14 has an integrated graphic system with an intel core i5 CPU. In this 2-in-1 laptop, you’ll get features of a 14-inch touchscreen with Intel Iris graphics and wifi. It is available in titan grey finish and is excellent for business and professional use.

The versatile model with 11th generation processor gives smooth performance and allows multitasking. You can turn it on by simply elevating the lid due to its lid-on sensors. It is supported by 12 GB ram and 256 GB hard disk.


  • The camera shutter protects privacy.
  • The fingerprint reader makes sign-in fast and easy.
  • The backlight keyword ensures working even in the dark.
  • Three USB slots are great for fast data transfer.


  • Its battery timing is not good.
  • The dell pen doesn’t work with this model.

Are 2 in 1 Laptops Durable?

The demand for laplets has risen due to their versatile specs and portability. The quality built-in components are enough to provide durability in such devices. However, extra care is essential for smooth and hassle-free performance.

Keeping the keyboard, screen, and other parts clean is crucial. Try to reduce the chances of external damage and fall. Most users complain about hinge damage in 2 in 1 laptop. But that’s not an issue unless the quality and price are not compromised. 

Hinge Breakage

This problem primarily exists in the low-quality laplets. If you don’t buy a premium quality laptop, this problem will sooner or later happen. Must check reviews, buying guides and the user experience before buying one.

Almost all features and specs of any product are available on the internet. You must update your knowledge and look for solid quality, durable laplets. 


The primary reason for laptop breakage is external damage, pressure, and falls from height. Any such situation will turn your laptop into the trash. No matter how much money you spent or how premium quality it has. All becomes in vain. So it’s pivotal to give extra care and attention to the longer functioning.

Final Verdict!

The top-notch laptop manufacturers are shaping the future of portable devices. This sector has a massive margin for growth and sustained integrity. But that’s only possible if consumers have access to durable and better-quality gadgets.

You’ll get many options to explore in the market for 2 in 1 laptop. The small size, compact designs, and add-on features are ready to satisfy your digital requirements. Let’s share your views in the comment section with us.


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