Which laptop is best Dell or HP or Lenovo?

Which laptop is the best Dell, HP, and Lenovo? We’ve all been there, asking the same question from the internet or a friend. We’ll be breaking this very question down to help you find the perfect laptop by the end of this article.

These three giants of the industry hold more than 50% market share and the battle for the best continues to go on since the last decade. All the major computer series today are from these three brands, be it Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Omen, or Thinkpad, each series catering to a different kind of audience.

Let’s talk a little about what makes a laptop the “best” one. A good laptop from any brand must have a responsive and effective trackpad/keyboard, a clear and bright screen (IPS display for great viewing angles) in the appropriate size (12-14 inches or 15.6 standard sizes), great storage, RAM, and ROM together capable of handling intense multitasking and reliable battery performance.

The additional features are always a cherry on top and if you’re a gamer, graphic designer, illustrator, or someone whose work requires intense computing powers, your definition of the “best” could be at a bar higher than this generic one.

Moving on to which laptop from these leading brands is the best, it depends upon your usage entirely. The purpose and the way you’re going to use your laptop will define the specification and features that are best for you.

Now in this day and age, you can easily find the required specs in laptops from multiple brands, and of course the top brands we’re discussing here. So, where do you go from there? While Dell, HP, and Lenovo all have their own pros and cons, here we’ve briefly reviewed each of them for you to skim through and conclude with us which one is the best.

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Dell Laptops

If you’re as carefree with your gadgets as us, a Dell laptop is the perfect fit for you! Dell’s build quality takes the lead in comparison with HP and Lenovo, even the sleeker models are pretty sturdy and manufactured with the highest quality materials. The keyboard and Touchpad from Dell are almost always rough and harder than Lenovo or HP.

Audio quality is pretty impressive, you won’t need to add any additional cards or equipment to listen to the deepest of bass and clear, loud music. Just like designs, Camera results are somewhat average, though they still work well for video calls. The battery for Dell laptops seems to work perfectly for the first few years and starts draining drastically after.

If you use heavy software often, the battery lasts only 2-3 hours as opposed to the ideal 4-5-hour period. What’s best about Dell is their after-sales services and support staff that’s available for help 24/7.

HP Laptops

Design-wise, HP laptops are far better than Dell but the build quality is not as promising. They are somewhat “delicate” but look great! HP users often complain about Hinge issues, Heating problems, or noise from the exhaust system.

These cons are overshadowed with pros like incredible Display and Audio Quality with keyboard and touchpad like no other. Unlike Dell, the keypad and keys are sensitive and smooth in action. Camera results are average as well, but battery-wise HP laptops perform better than Dell. Moreover, HP laptops are relatively cheaper as well but more expensive than Lenovo.

Lenovo Laptops

The sound quality of Lenovo is better than both Dell and HP whereas the Display in Lenovo laptops is average to high-end depending on the price range. Battery Life is long-lasting, you can run these laptops for up to 7-8 hours, so Lenovo wins here! Build Quality is cheaper but the Design is much more comfortable and attractive than both HP and Dell.

Touchpad and keyboard both are smooth and responsive to touch, typists usually prefer Lenovo laptops for their keyboards. They offer excellent Sound Quality with loud, clear, and detailed audio. The Price is cheap and affordable, the only con you get is poor after-sales services.

Now that you have a generic view of what each brand offers, let’s break this question down to more relatable ones.

Which Laptop is Best for Everyday Use?

For everyday usage, you’d prefer a laptop that can take a fall or two, tolerate some spillage, great at processing, portable, and has an excellent battery life to keep up with the daily work. Everyday use usually includes sending emails, watching movies or TV, basic programming tasks, presentations, spreadsheets, casual gaming, and browsing the internet.

This means there is no need to spend hundreds of bucks on a laptop that offers whizz-bang computing power. Laptops with Core i3 to i5, 4 to 8GB RAM, any Operating systems from HP are preferred more than Dell or Lenovo now owing to the style, portability, and variety they offer. Some years before Dell laptops were considered the best for this purpose as they can handle more roughness but the position was taken by laptops like HP ENVY 13.

Which Laptop Lasts the Longest?

Software upgrades, build quality, design, and customization options are few things that add to a laptop’s life. Lenovo is leading the market on durability while making sure there is no compromise on the specs as well. Most business laptops are made to last a bit longer than consumer laptops, while laptops for office use and/or employees are usually models from Dell or HP.

Talking about Lenovo, it has two ranges, Thinkpad and Ideapad that are both reliable and durable enough to withstand damages. Of the two, Thinkpad lasts the longest due to its high-quality build, proprietary roll design, and the least third-party apps. Keep the Lenovo updated against viruses and it’ll last you more than 5-7  years easily.

Which Brand Laptop is Most Reliable?

The most common issue with laptops these days is dropping/failing battery performance with time. according to researches, this accounts for up to 23% of problems altogether in laptops. The Premium XPS line including XPS 13 from Dell is the most reliable when it comes to powerful performances and toughness. For business-oriented users, HP’s Elitebook lineup is pretty incredible with innovative features and regular updates.

Which is the No. 1 Laptop Company in the World?

The No. 1 laptop brand is Apple with its unmatchable Macbook. It is a luxury brand but the build quality, user-friendliness, power, display, OS, and design are worth the money. It is also one of the most reliable laptop brands. The second and third places are secured by HP and Lenovo both of which offer laptops in every price bracket, unlike Apple.

As our discussion has been revolving around HP and Lenovo, we’ll be focusing on them in the list of top laptop brands in the world as well. HP offers fanless, convertible, gaming laptops as well as high-end workstations, detachable 2-in-1s, and basic notebooks for all kinds of users. HP Spectre and Envy lineup stay on top. Lenovo’s Thinkpad series flaunts durable hardware components, lower prices, and excellent customer service making it one of the best brands for laptops.


Hope this article answers which laptop is the best Dell or HP or Lenovo as we’ve covered what each brand has in store for us, and their strengths and weaknesses. This article will help you get a laptop that best suits you once you get the define what your usage will be. Among the three, we’re more skewed towards HP as the best laptop brand overall.

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