How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Laptop Battery?

A Laptop’s battery replacement cost varies depending on the age of the laptop. A survey conducted this year concluded that the cost averages at $50 to $200.

When searching for replacement batteries, begin by checking your laptop’s manufacturer’s website, or you can call their sales department. Enquire about the price and warranty details. This article will help you with information on how to go about replacing a laptop battery.

Is It Worth Replacing A Laptop Battery?

Always treat your laptop’s battery with care because after it’s damaged, there’s no other way but to replace it. One of the questions you may ask yourself is whether it is worth replacing your laptop’s battery. One factor that will affect this is whether you need a generic or an original battery.

Original batteries are typically more expensive than their generic counterparts, costing twice as much. Battery prices differ depending on the type and the brand of the laptop. A MacBook will cost more to replace its battery than other bands such as Acer, Dell, or HP.

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The average cost of replacing a battery

How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Laptop Battery

Below are some important figures for a laptop’s battery replacement.

Labor costThe hourly rate is $20 to $50
Battery cost$30-$200
The Average total cost$59-$250

 The figures point to the average labour costs and price of replacing a laptop’s battery. However, it is essential to note that in specific companies, it will cost you over $250.

You also need to know the terms and conditions of your company as some do not permit you to replace batteries from local repair shops. For such companies, you must take the laptop to their service center to get genuine batteries.

Battery Replacement Costs Of Gaming Laptops

The price of replacing a gaming laptop differs from that of a business or a normal laptop. Gaming laptop batteries are usually more expensive as they are designed to offer the more power that these laptops need. The laptops have higher capabilities, including high RAM and internal graphics cards, to handle demanding games.

 Replacement Cost Of Different Laptop Brands

Large brands including ASUS, HP, Dell, and Apple offer battery replacement services via well-established service centers. Below are the battery replacement costs of some popular brands.

Brand NameAverage Price

From the table, the least average is $20 while the highest is $200.

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Replacing Laptop Batteries Is Cost-Effective

Typically, laptop batteries are made up of a combination of rechargeable cells. They have a particular milliamp Hour (mAh) rating. There exist ways in which you can save on the replacement. Some of the rechargeable cells making the battery can die earlier than others. You can always go to replace the specific damaged cell.

 There exist electronic repair personnel specialized in cell replacements. Typically, this will, on average, cost you $30. The cost includes the cost of a new cell and labor, which is way more affordable than going for a complete replacement.

 However, if the laptop is old or the battery is too weak, it’s better to go for the new battery option rather than for cell replacement. This is because it may mean replacing all the cells, which will cost the same as purchasing a new battery.

What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Laptop Battery?

A faulty laptop battery can be dangerous and needs to be replaced. Failure to replace it will cause such a battery to swell as the electrolyte inside is corrupted and thus is potentially dangerous. It is this important to know when your laptop battery is damaged and replace it immediately

How To Know A Damaged Laptop Battery

Various ways exist to test the health of your laptop’s battery. Some of the most common symptoms to look out for include:

  • The laptop shuts down suddenly
  • The battery drains fast
  • The battery overheats
  • Low laptop performance
  • Getting notification to replace the battery
  • Having persistent low battery errors on the screen of the laptop

You can also find online applications that help detect a damaged or faulty battery. They run tests that will help them determine whether the battery is okay or not and display the results on the screen.

Running your laptop on a damaged old battery will shorten its life; a damaged battery will offer lesser power than needed, damaging its internal components and hardware. The processor will also weaken. It is thus essential to replace a damaged laptop battery.

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What Is The Lifespan Of A Laptop Battery?

Generally, laptop batteries begin experiencing failure in the first two years, which translates to about 400 recharges. After this period, you’ll notice it losing its ability to lose charge. If it was working for six hours, it might shorten to three hours.

How Long Should A Laptop Battery Last On A Full Charge?

It depends on the laptop type, model, and make. However, a laptop should generally last on battery for about 1 to 6 hours after a full charge. This time relies on the laptop’s power, use, age, and battery. The capacity of the battery decreases with time.

 Tip to ensure a long laptop battery life

 To have a long battery life, the tips below will prove helpful. The more programs running on the laptop, the more battery power is needed.

     I.        When using your laptop on the mains with the battery, battery cycles tend to get wasted. To prolong the battery’s life, pop the battery out when using your laptop in the AC outlet.

   II.        Battery life is affected by variables such as video viewing, Wi-Fi, and the screen’s brightness.

 III.        If you are thorough in your search for third-party laptop parts suppliers, you don’t have to go for the high-priced battery from your laptop manufacturer. Ensure you check the battery model on reputable third-party websites, and you’ll find quality batteries at affordable rates.

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Which Laptop Brand Has The Best Battery Life?

Best battery life means you enjoy more run time on your laptop. Below are laptop brands with the best battery life

1. Asus Expert Book B9450


Weight: 2.2 pounds

 CPU: Intel Core i7

Display: 1920*1080, 14-inch

2. Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1


Weight: 3 pounds

 CPU: Intel Core i7

 Display 1920*1080, 14 inches

3. HP Elite Folio


Weight: 2.9 pounds

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen2

Display: 1920 x 1280, 13.5 inch

4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (Gen 6)


Weight: 3 Pounds

CPU: Core i7

Display: 1920 x 1200, 14-inch

5. Dell Latitude 9510


Weight: 3.7 Pounds

CPU: Intel Core i7

Display: 1920 x 1080, 15-inch

Is It Okay To Use A Laptop While Charging?

Laptops have lithium-ion batteries which have internal mechanisms that control charging. It is okay to utilize your laptop while it is charging. You need not worry about overheating or overcharging as it is not likely to happen.

When using your laptop while still charging, the battery normally charges if it wasn’t fully charged; thus, it’s a good idea, especially if you are saving time. Lithium-ion batteries have no problem charging when not fully discharged. However, it is essential that you periodically discharge them to enable calibration. For new model laptops, batteries come with mechanisms of self-calibration.

 For older version laptops, calibrate them periodically; calibrating a battery entails discharging and charging it to full charge. Calibration helps the laptop recognize the battery’s capacity and thus know the actual battery level. With a wrong calibration, the laptop projects a wrong charge level for the battery.

 In conclusion, the battery is an essential component of the laptop. It is thus important to always ensure that you take proper care to ensure that it has a long life. Proper laptop battery care involves ensuring you keep your laptop in a well-ventilated and cool place. Also, always use the correct charger to charge your laptop.

 If you keep this in mind, you will not experience problems with your laptop’s battery. However, if for any cause your laptop battery gets damaged, always replace it. This article has offered crucial insights about a laptop’s battery replacement.

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