Are 2 in 1 Laptops Good for Drawing?

Are 2 in 1 Laptops Good for Drawing

Most fresh digital artists face the dilemma of choosing the right device to lean on.  As a drawing fanatic, I want the best laptop for drawing that has useful features to perfectly take my design work one step ahead. 2-in-1 laptops made a revolution in the laptop industry, by offering the convenience of a tablet and the powerful performance of a laptop on one device

Are you a drawing enthusiast and thinking if 2-in-1 laptops are good for drawing? Yes. These laptops enable you to draw on a touch screen and enhance your productivity with the effective capability of reading an active pen like a stylus, Windows ink, or a Lenovo. 

Imperatively with my usage experience, I would say that 2-in1 laptops have great durability that can be helpful in the long run. These laptops have powerful processors to run heavy art software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Having a robust graphics card is the second most important feature for the visual artist to enjoy impressive graphics. Lastly, a battery life that lasts for almost 10 hours gives the freedom to effortlessly work.   

The flexibility of detaching or reattaching the keyboard is just like adding a feather in the wings of the artist to focus on new art techniques. From pocket-friendly laptops to high-end models, these convertible laptops allow businesses, artists, gamers, and students a handful of the device for all mysterious daily activities.

For many years, I have personally used Mac for my digital art in which procreate is my favorite art program, but now the game is changed. The rise in digitalization also booms the most advanced, capable, and professional art programs that are more available for Windows rather than Apple.

In the end, either Windows or Apple, the right laptop can help and inspire positively to precede your artwork. Yes, there are plenty of computers out there that could be fine for most uses. But artist requires more such as touch screen, portability, durability, fast processors, bright screen resolution and good storage. 

Many illustrators, drawing enthusiasts, and animators like stylus or digitizer pen work on amazing digital art software. This creative software offers a clean interface with tools to make artwork easier on a 2-in-1 laptop. 

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What Laptop Should I Buy for Digital Art?

Although I am not very obsessed with specifications, still performance while drawing matters a lot otherwise, it blocks creativity.  Generally, convertible laptops provide the ease of drawing digitally and possess features such as fast RAM, dedicated graphics unit, powerful performance, bright display, and reliable battery life. 

Therefore, before buying a laptop for digital art you should consider the below-mentioned minimum requirements. It will help to flow your artistic juices without any lag in your work, heating issues, and more problems during 2D and 3D image drawing. I’m a huge supporter of stylus input.

Graphics and Display quality

The first and the foremost feature that I look into a laptop, specifically for drawing is its graphic configuration. If you want your artwork to be expressive, then you must go for the laptop with HD or FHD display, colour gamut and display sharpness. 

Display Size

The next most essential thing is display size. Because the larger screens such as 15-inch or 17-inch give you maximum comfort in identifying art nuances.  


Besides other users, for artists, 2-in-1 touch-optimized hybrid laptops are specifically designed. In mere seconds, you can switch this laptop into a tablet and can avoid the unnecessary keyboard at occasional times. 


For digital art, RAM plays a huge part. It is suggested to get a laptop with 8GB to 16GB RAM. 

Stylus support

You must go for a hybrid laptop that supports a stylus with good grip and pressure sensitivity. 


A powerful CPU is a must for computing work, executing instructions, and especially running heavy art software.  I recommend selecting at least an i5 or i7 processor for the best drawing results. 

Battery life

For a smooth working experience, a laptop with a long battery life of 8 to 10 hours is a must.

Can I Draw on a Touch-Screen Laptop?

Yes. You can draw on a touch-screen laptop because this feature enables you to enjoy full control over your screen or else you can find this only with a pen and paper. Touch screen sensitivity in a laptop makes your every stroke countable and can translate various pressure levels.

For beginners it may b tough to shift on digital screens, but once you settled you will be amazed how a quality touch screen laptop promotes details, fluidity, and style. Such laptops enhance the productivity of artists and graphic designers with color vividness.  

It gives you a fast and convenient approach to digital art. But at last, it highly depends on the drawing style of an artist. Touch screen generally comes in 2-in-1 laptops that are portable and a complete package in terms of functionality, hence preferred by artists who travel a lot. These laptops have great battery life saturated colors and a bunch of apps for drawing. 

What Laptop Do Artists Use?

For professional artists and creative drawing enthusiasts, I admire 2-in-1 convertible laptops with supporting active pen, rather than traditional laptops. They work extremely helpful in tent mode as well as in form of a tablet. 

I also used such kind of laptop having the minimum configuration requirements and find it easier to draw, doodle and paint. So, an artist must use a laptop with a strong and high-speed CPU, efficient GPU, fast RAM and storage, long-term battery, and most importantly accurate display quality. 

Nowadays, you can find a range of laptops with all these specifications that not necessarily pricy but also come in your budget. Let me list down the two most prominent models of laptops for drawing. 

  • Surface Pro 7
  • HP Spectre X360

But, if you don’t want to spend much then you can go with Lenovo Flex 5. This laptop possesses an AMD processor with a great amount of RAM and storage. Whereas, for obtaining a good display, you can choose Galaxy Book Flex. This laptop has ample battery life that can last for hours with an OLED FHD display. 

Is 16GB RAM Enough for Digital Art?

The biggest RAM hog on a laptop is heavy art software. So, to work quickly without annoying hangs, you must require to get a laptop with an ideal amount of 8 to 16GB of RAM, and if you can afford further then 32 GB RAM is phenomenal. 

Fortunately, most of the branded laptops come with a minimum of 4GB RAM with an extra slot to update memory.  Whereas, an old laptop cannot offer more than 4GB RAM. 

I’m also satisfied with 16GB of RAM to do any kind of 2D or 3D work. With a RAM processor of at least i5 OR I7 is a must. You can also need a better graphic processor to run photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. This software calls for a bit more RAM for additional buffering. 

Is It Better to Get a Drawing Tablet or Laptop?

Any artist uses a drawing tablet for their digital art that includes painting, retouching, photo editing, and all that stuff. But after trying to do all the work on a tablet but they end up realizing bounded for doing administrative work on a touch screen. 

Drawing tablets are more fragile and expensive. It is better to buy a 2-in-1 laptop that provides the convenience of a drawing tablet with the additional functionality of a keyboard.  I myself have an iPad, but I prefer to do work on the big screen of my MacBook! 

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