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Hesitation to pack electronics with lithium batteries in your luggage is an understandable concern, many have faced unwarranted issues due to laptops in their bags.

Some airlines have on-and-off travel bans on laptops or restrictions on carrying more than a certain number of laptops that leaves you wondering how many laptops can I bring on a plane exactly? The rules and restrictions for domestic and international flights may vary along with the duration of flights.

How Many Laptops Can I Bring On a Plane?

Generally, as long as the batteries are removed from the laptops you’re carrying, you’re good to transport as many as you like in the check-in luggage. Lithium is a hazardous material that is illegal to be transported through a plane’s cargo hold.

The lenience of bringing laptops onboard also depends on the kind of laptop you’re carrying, for instance, you cannot take the recalled 15-inch MacBook on a flight as its lithium batteries are prone to overheating and catching fire.

Let’s take a look at some common factors that any travel enthusiast must know about.

How many laptops can I bring on a plane

Can I take two laptops in flight?

[su_note note_color=”#d9fefe”]Yes, you can! Many people in today’s busy world have a practice of carrying one laptop for business use and the other for personal use, which is completely fine! There is no hard-and-fast restriction on the number of laptops you can carry on the flight. Domestic flights do not limit you as long as you keep both your laptops in separate bins before the screening.[/su_note]

Transport Security Administration (TSA) directs travellers to remove all electronic devices that are larger than a cell phone from carry-on bags and place them apart in a bin for X-ray screening during domestic flights.

Talking about international airlines, they do impose certain weight restrictions (around 7 Kgs maximum) on carrying personal items apart from the check-in bags. Since the scanner may beep, having electronics in the bag will subject you to extra screening. Some airport securities might even ask you to confirm if you’re the sole owner of the device by putting the password in.

This is why it is always advised to keep the laptops charged when you’re travelling with them. Things get easier if you have a TSA approved bag with dedicated laptop pockets. You won’t be asked to take out the laptop and place it in a tray because these dedicated laptop sleeves come with no zippers or pockets that can obstruct the x-ray imaging.

Hence, you can take two laptops easily with you on any airline as long as you comply with all the TSA policies and agent’s instructions.

Are Laptops allowed in carry on luggage?

[su_note note_color=”#d9fefe”]Yes! Most of the personal electronic devices that contain batteries are allowed to be carried checked baggage as well as carry-ons. This includes smartphones, tablets, electronic games, laptops, cameras, etc. which cover dry cell batteries, lithium ion batteries, and lithium metal batteries.[/su_note]

Laptops are not only allowed in carry-on luggage but are advised to be carried there. You’re allowed to carry lithium battery devices in the carry-on luggage if they have 100-watt hours or less. You can also pack spare lithium ion batteries with you in the carry-on as long as they are well covered to prevent short circuits or damage.

Keeping laptops in the carry-on luggage will protect it from damage and potential theft during transits, besides, laptops aren’t cheap, and keeping them under your seat, by your side, or in the overhead compartment relieves the anxiety of losing them. So yes, you are allowed and advised to take the laptop with you in the carry-on luggage when taking a flight.

Are two laptops allowed in flight India?

[su_note note_color=”#d9fefe”]Two laptops are perfectly fine to be carried in flight to India. It’s not the number of laptops that the authorities are concerned about, it is the content being transported. Provided the weight of the hand bag does not exceed the standard limit of 7 Kgs, you’re good to go![/su_note]

Carrying and managing laptops in a way that the total weight of the carry-on hand baggage is under 7 Kgs will let you travel with two or more laptops easily across the world. There is no such weight restriction when you’re travelling within the US or between Europe and US states, but countries like India are concerned about the contents you carry out or in the country.

Is laptop included in 7 kg hand luggage?

Airlines usually have strict policies regarding carry-on hand luggage, amongst them is the limit on the weight you can carry with you. The limit is 7kgs and should be kept in mind before and during packing as it becomes a hassle when you’re stopped at the airport and you have to re-sort your luggage out and shift the exceeding items to the check-in luggage.

[su_note note_color=”#d9fefe”]Unless it has explicitly been stated otherwise by an airline, a laptop or a laptop bag IS included in the 7 Kg hand luggage. Your laptop along with all of its accessories is supposed to be a part of the hand baggage allowance.[/su_note]

Note that if you carry your laptop in a separate bag next the hand baggage it will be considered as two pieces and but this is completely allowed. If the flight is not full, most of the domestic airlines will allow you to carry your laptop bag separately, otherwise, if the flight is full, you might be told to weigh the laptop bag along with the carry-on baggage.

The answer to this question varies from airline to airline and with the class of service.

Can I pack multiple laptops in my checked luggage?

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) states that you can pack multiple laptops with both removable as well as non-removable batteries in the checked luggage.

Classified under the category of “personal electronic devices containing batteries”, laptops are perfectly safe to be carried in your luggage provided the laptop batteries are protected from activation, turned off, and removed from the laptops (if they are removable).

With that said, any spare or “lose” batteries are not allowed to be packed with the checked luggage as they can be harmful or catch fire under compression. To be safe, always confirm from the airline you’re flying with and the state you’re flying to about their rules and regulations regarding laptops or other electronic items as many countries still have an ongoing ban on the transit of laptops.

Where should a laptop ideally be packed when flying?

You can pack your laptop inside the checked baggage, with the carry-on, or inside the personal item. It is a common fact that valuables can be stolen from checked bags or if you’re having a bad day, your checked bags can get lost as well. Hence, it is highly advised not to pack your laptops in the checked bags.

[su_note note_color=”#d9fefe”]A smarter choice is to keep your laptop away from anyplace it can get damaged or stolen during transit. Pack your laptop inside a personal item and keep it stored under the front seat in front of your eyes. This arrangement is not only safer but also convenient if you’re someone who might need to work on their laptop during a long flight.[/su_note]

Keeping laptop in the hand luggage will also play in your favor when flights are overbooked and you won’t have to re-pack your whole bag if you’re asked to check-in your carry-on. So that’s another plus!

Will the airport scanner damage my laptop?

Travelling with a laptop means putting it through multiple scanners. Some might worry about the rays and radiations of the process damaging their laptops and for all such concerned individuals, we have good news! There is absolutely nothing in those x-ray radiations emitted by airport scanners that can damage your electronic devices. These include laptops, tablets, MP3 players, USB drives, cell phones, and other such devices with batteries.


Travelling and pre-travelling anxiety is a real thing, we’ve all been there one time or another in our lives. The confusion of packing and stress of passing through screening takes up most of your time before the flight. You’ll often find yourself googling what should and shouldn’t be done in order to avoid any problems at the airport.

[su_note note_color=”#d9fefe”]However, if you’re following the general guidelines put out by airlines and covered in this article, you’re good to go! To sum it all up for you, make sure the laptop you’re carrying with you is in your hand luggage, with battery in, and should be fully charged. You can carry multiple laptops as well but try not to go overboard.[/su_note]

More than two or three laptops are not classified as personal use items, and in cases like these, you’ll be asked to pay heavy custom duties to get through. Hopefully, all those wondering how many laptops can I bring on a plane have found their answers here. So, pack smart and travel safe!

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